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Minisymposium on Biological Fluid Mechanics and Soft Matter Complex Fluid Flows

Shaofan Li, UC Berkeley

Hao Lin, Rutgers

The application of fluid mechanics, rheology, and soft matter principles in biological systems is playing an increasingly important role in understanding basic mechanobiology mechanisms, providing physical insights, aiding in diagnostics, and providing guidelines in designing engineering biomedical devices and systems. The Minisymposium on Biological Fluid Mechanics and Soft matter Complex Fluid Flows is intended to bring together researchers and graduate students in the field of biological fluid mechanics and biological soft matter mechanics to exchange recent developments and applications in mechanobiology, and in particular, numerical modeling and simulations of biological complex fluid flows
and its applications. The minisymposium calls for submissions on broadly related topics including mechanics of single cells and tissue, spreading and adhesion, bio-locomotion and swimming, fluid mechanics of the circulatory, respiratory, and other physiological systems, rheology of complex biofluid flows, and soft matter modeling of biological systems.  Although the conference has a focus on finite element method, other computational/theoretical approaches are also welcome to facilitate extensive intellectual exchanges and excitation.