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Multi Physics/Scale Modeling for Additive Manufacturing

Wentao Yan, National University of Singapore

Jinhui Yan, University of Illinois

Zeliang Liu, Livermore Software Technology Corporation

Xiaowei Deng, University of Hong Kong

Lei Chen, Mississippi State Unviersity

Yanping Lian, Beijing Institute of Technology

Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies are revolutionizing industries. However, the wide industrial adoption is hindered by the lack of fundamental understanding of the complex manufacturing process, structure, and properties. This mini-symposium (MS) is aimed at providing a platform to discuss high-fidelity computational methods and models for AM process, structure and property to advance the fundamental understanding and to further facilitate the linking of process-structure-property relationships. Specific topics of the MS include (but are not limited to)
•       Multi-physics/Scale computational methods for AM processes
•       Micro-structure evolution
•       Mechanical modeling incorporating micro-structures
•       Data-driven modeling techniques for model integration and material design
•       Topology optimization
•       Uncertainty quantification