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Advanced CFD and FSI for Renewable Energy

Jinhui YanUniversity of Illinois

Xiaowei Deng, University of Hong Kong

Wentao Yan, National University of Singapore

Zeliang Liu, Livermore Software Technology Corporation

Development of renewable energy generation, such as wind, wave and tidal, poses challenging and novel questions in fluid dynamics and fluid-structure interaction. In this mini-symposium (MS), we solicit presenting research results focused on recent advances in the area of wind and tidal energy. The MS is open to all mechanics and computational research that has the potential to advance the development of wind and tidal energy. Specific topics of the mini-symposium include (but are not limited to)

•    Aerodynamics/Hydrodynamics
•    Free-surface flows
•    Atmospheric boundary-layer (ABL) flows
•    Wind/wave loads on structures
•    Breaking wave mechanics
•    Cavitation
•    Dynamics of floating systems
•    Fluid-structure interaction
•    Experimental validation