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High-performance Computational Mechanics for Energy Systems

Shinobu Yoshimura, The University of Tokyo

Tomonori YamadaThe University of Tokyo

Any source of energy that is superior in all aspects—cost, environmental impact, safety, and use of natural resources—does not exist. Therefore various types of energy systems in cluding clean energy systems have been developed in worldwide. To accelerate the development of such energy systems, computational mechanics are strongly expected to play a key role.  However, core physics in such systems are very complex and tend to be multi-scale and multi-physics of fluid, thermal, solid, electromagnetics and so on.  Therefore various types of simulation technology such as FEM, FDM, FVM, meshfree methods, particle methods and so on have been developed and applied.  In addition, recently, petascale and exascale computing technology targets such computational mechanics simulations of various types of energy systems, such as carbon-free coal gasification plants, low-cost, long-lasting fuel cells, large-scale wind power plants farm floating along sea seashore, and nuclear fission / fusion power plants and others.  In this mini-symposium, focusing on high-performance computing issues, we exchange ideas and information in order to advance computational mechanics for energy systems.