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Robust, Adaptive, High-Resolution Methods for Unsteady Flows

David Williams, Pennsylvania State Univeristy

Michael Hillman, Pennsylvania State University

The purpose of this minisymposium is to highlight new strategies for improving the efficiency and robustness of finite element methods for the unsteady Navier-Stokes (NS) equations, and similar systems of equations, such as the shallow water equations. The symposium will primarily focus on flexible methods that are not limited to incompressible flows, but instead, are capable of simulating both incompressible and compressible flows. In particular, the symposium will cover a wide variety of methods, including continuous Galerkin (CG), discontinuous Galerkin (DG), hybrid discontinuous Galerkin (HDG), and mixed methods. The effectiveness and overall performance of these methods will be assessed in conjunction with solution adaptive-meshing techniques, non-linear stabilization strategies, and characteristic boundary condition enforcement procedures.